Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Missed Some Fun But Gained Greater Moments

I went back to Ipoh on Sunday (2 days ago). Which means, I missed the bball session. Well, the thing that I really missed was the last game with JRoldan, as he is going back to Costa Rica later today (8:10am flight).

From Dell guy's Facebook, I could sense the much fun that I missed:

The bball gang

The game play looks interesting

Ball on midair (nice shot, Pat)

Foul play?? Pity not JRoldan, but pity Oyog!! Hahaha!!!

Gotcha! B and Pat! (click here)

However, I did gain something throughout my moments in Ipoh. I managed to spend 1.5 days' of quality time with my parents. I was so glad that God had once again worked miracles (small but meaningful ones). I felt that my desperate prayers were answered, that 3 of us were happy having times together, talking, having dinner, bringing up discussion, etc.

Note: I am vaguely describing the miracle that I have, because this is really personal!!! A, B, Ling, D, G; this is not going to SWYF testimony session - hope you'd understand. :-)


Chan said...

Hey, missed you at the basketball game, hehe! But glad to hear you had a good time with your parents back in Ipoh. :)

And WHY is that heartsey picture here??? Lolz!!! XD


lilian said...

JRoldan going back to Costa Rica ah? Like this our choir group less one bass. All the while we call him George cos we do not know his name.

David Chan said...

Patrice: Haha... that's why I pointed to your blog... :-P

Lilian: Yep. The news of him going back came at a shock - he was supposed to fly back home on July 21, but have to pull in his schedule. We're gonna miss him very much.