Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another My Foot!

"The authorities require a fresh DNA sample from Anwar Ibrahim because the sample extracted 10 years ago is too old."
- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, July 18, 2008

I am not concocting this statement. Believe me. Percayalah!!! Tak percaya, bacalah sendiri [TheStar dan MalaysiaKini]

I am not a forensic expert, nor an expert in DNA profiling. I am a student who scored poorly in Biology. So, I dare not make any comments without doing some background study. And thus, I made a quick research minutes after reading the news, and the following is what I have found:

I quickly read and found that scientists do have the ability to chart a 40,000-year-old DNA sequence, and determined it to be a cave bear. I thought, wow... cool! 40,000 years old DNA and yet can tell it's a cave bear. Not bad!! More importantly, after all the 40,000-year long erosion factors (climate, seismic activity, chemical, biological, and possibly radioactive interference)... the DNA is not so deteriorated - remember, the scientists can still tell it's a cave bear!!!

So, I can quickly tell that it is close to impossible for DNA to be deteriorated after 10 years. In other words, DNA would NOT "grow old" after 10 years!

So, what has our 'beloved' PM just said??

As I say it again, the world is watching and listening!!! Stop making stupid statements, say what is proper, use brain to analyze what other people said, and, if necessary, question the validity of the information received. Most importantly, stop making we Malaysians ashamed of ourselves. We may have biggest, highest, the first, the grandest, and what not, but we are not ready to be called stupid because our leader is so!

And, indeed yes, the world is watching. Tak percaya? Percayalah! Masih tak percaya? Cuba klik sini!!!

And, btw, I was one day behind in posting this blog post, and already there are many people lambasting at the statement above. Try Google "DNA sample too old" and see what you get? The quote above was indeed named as a joke. See here.

Actually, I already got pissed off one month ago, when our 'beloved' PM said something which is inappropriate and yet interfering with the supremacy and independence of court judges, by saying what his belief in a crime which has not even been tried, let alone judged.

"I don't believe that Najib and Rosmah are involved (in the 2006 murder of a Mongolian woman)."
- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Jun 25, 2008
[ see here and here ]

And now, one month later, comes another round of bullsxxt. Now, I really do feel ashamed!!! Darn!!! I need to scurry, looking for a rabbit hole!!!


Anonymous said...

Stupidity is our goverment trademark...dont want to start pointing out the list but one thing is for sure, this country is full of corruption, lack of wise leaders and its constitution is based on "All rakyat are not equal". It will never change(even under the opposition) and will remain the same forever.

Lawl said...

Even if the samples were disposed, They should have the DNA mapping recorded somewhere right? Don't they have like case files and keep them for like forever?