Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Driving On Snow/Icy Road

Tips on driving on snow, based on my experience:

1. Drive slow (20mph or less).

2. Always give a few hundred yards of anticipation before stopping a car. Means, when you see a red light few hundred yards ahead, begin to slow down the car.

3. To slow down car, use lower gear, and then brake (ABS). Brake is just to help drivers behind know you're stopping. Non-ABS brake will cause car to skid.

4. Never ever rely on hand brakes. It will cause the car to skid for sure.

5. Never ever engage hand brakes while parking. It will be frozen and stuck at wheel.

6. Use chains to help the tire grip onto the snow.

7. If chain links are broken, stop at emergency lane, and find something to cut off / keep the dangling chain links from swinging free. It will damage the axle / mudguard / crucial parts to the live wheels (like, brake fluid cable).

8. Keep one or two spare chains.

9. Never ever park a compact car on a free lot before checking on the heap of ice left on that parking lot. If it is solid ice (normally left by a SUV or truck), it will freeze the compact car to the ground. You will need other vehicles to pull your car free.

10. Automobile Association membership will come in handy.

11. Be alert, vigilant, and calm.

12. Pray.


skyip said...

drive safely

btw, SJ also snow?

Wilson said...

Finally ... revived .... :p

David Chan said...

SKYip - SJ didn't snow. Went to Lake Tahoe, about 7000 ft above sea level. There it snows - so heavily until highway also got closed.

Wilson - Ya... wait for my next post. :-P

rockerfish said...

berhati, berhati, di jalan raya..
be safe !!