Thursday, February 28, 2008


I did this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Test two years ago, based on the need for my company to know each other, especially among and between peers and supervisors, to work efficiently (according to a rich consultant, rich because my company is paying him a lot!!!). It comprises of 42 questions, answers of which would roughly tell a person which four personality components the person belongs to:

Extroversion (E) / Introversion (I)
Sensory (S) / Intuitive (N)
Feeler (F) / Thinker (T)
Judging (J) / Perceiving (P)

Guess what I am? An ESFP. Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. In a nutshell, I was labeled "Let's Make Work Fun"!

Majority of my time during work, my results from the test matches with who I really am. However, at certain times, I'd rather be alone and silent - like what I am now, typing here alone. I remembered that, from the MBTI test, I have a 6/5 score out of 11 questions, 6 tells me I'm extroverted, and 5 intreverted. Well, this explains why I'm on the fence - talk crap a lot at one time, and fall into dumb silence at another.

Anyway, let's play play!


Call me names, I may not answer you... hahaha!!!

I am usually called:
Mun Mun (文文) - My parents call me that! My relatives from my mom's side call me that! It becomes a nickname for my church friends. Sounds girly huh... Let me remind you, it's 文文, not 雯雯. Well, since it originates from my parents, it will be there, like, forever...
Ah Mun (阿文) - My relatives from my dad's side.
Yew Mun (耀文) - My childhood and teenage friends call me that. Is also my official name at work. That's the name most of my friends use to call me.
David (达味 - Biblical / 大伟 - Common) - My church friends call me that. I choose "David" after King David, based on his biblical story. When I was young, my niece named me David due to some lost reason, but later did I know that it is God's will for me to be called that way. I love my Baptism name - Beloved.
+ Kor-Kor (~~哥哥) - Some of my cousins or friends' younger brothers / sisters will call me that.
Mun Sook (文叔) - Occasionally called by my nephews / nieces. I'd prefer them call me Ah Mun. Yes, to hide my age!! :-P

Others... thanks to all my creative friends out there:
Kam Sau Mun (禽兽文) - Literally means Mun the Beast in Cantonese - my childhood nickname... I can't recall why I'm called a beast...
Mosquito/Mun (蚊) (Cantonese) - Derived from my name "Mun" (文)... lame
Siew Ching (小青) - A girl's name apparently, named after one girl appeared in one of the Ridsect Mosquito Repellant TV commercial... that's not lame, that's quite embarrassing
Mun Yew - A name mistakenly swapped by my tutor
Crazy Brain Machine - Appeared in my school magazine
Dai Zai Mun (大仔文) - Some of my college friends, especially hostel-mates and roommates, call me that
Mun Zai (文仔) - Little Mun - Some of my colleagues, elder or younger, call me that... It seems my age does not disqualify me from the name...
Yau Mun (有蚊) - There's mosquito - thanks to my Godmother who derived my Chinese name
Ada Nyamuk - See "Yau Mun". Some colleagues call me that.

And the most recent one, thanks to my bunch of church friends:
YMC-Han - derived from my office email id YMCHAN - mimicking YMCA. Yesss... they use the song to sing my name! :-P
Da Wei Ba (大尾巴) / Big Tail - derived from my Mandarin translation of my Christian name!

Internet nick:
Blindfolded - my very first and ongoing net nick, and that's why this blog is named so. :-)
Jesse - David's father, you know, King David the youngest son of Jesse of Bethelhem... no no no no... this is one of my earliest fake name to fool around during chat!
No_Name_91 - One of My Yahoo nick.
munyc - Yahoo and Live ID

Gaming nick:
bLiNdFoLd3d_KiLLeR - Counterstrike
KinG DaviD / KinG Daveed - DotA

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me and Myself

I have been wanting to post my first blog, but, being a lazy bum, I tend to postpone whatever not important. Anyway, I know that, if I keep on delaying it, I would never be able to post anything. And thus, my first post here, introducing myself.

I am David Chan, also known as Yew Mun. I was born on September 22, 1978, which means I'm going to be in my 30's end of this year. I was born and grew up in a tin mine city called Ipoh. I studied in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, for 3 years, and when I was 23, I graduated as a Bachelor Degree holder in Electrical Engineering.

I am now working in Penang, Malaysia, under the umbrella of an American semiconductor company called Altera Corporation, as a senior Product Engineer. My scope of work includes developing tests for new product verification and tests for failure analysis logging - not excluding involvement in debugging of new fabricated products.

Being the only child in my family, I grew up as a lonely child, mixing around with friends only in school and while attending tuition classes. At home, I usually get myself occupied with books, music, and even self-conversation (sounds like I'm a bit psycho huh). I was deprived of sports activities other than badminton (which I am not really good at). Well, there's a benefit towards my solitary behavior - I scored quite well academically.

My social life changed as I was elected as a junior prefect in my Secondary Education Year 2. My level of confidence was improved, and I became less introverted. Throughout my Secondary and Tertiary Education, I have my study life consistently balanced with extra-curricular activities, which which enables me to learn the important things in life never found in text books - team work, mutual understanding and agreement, tolerance, active listening, etc. Which is important in forming part of who I am today.

One of my most important and unforgettable moment in my life is the moment when I was convicted and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I received a simple yet impactful revelation by God on December 15, 2002, after encountering with a series of events. [I will create another post for my conversion story in case you want to know more.] After another year of Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) classes and rites, I was baptized on Easter Vigil, April 10, 2004. This change of my faith from Buddhism / atheism to Christianity opens my eyes and soul, and that forever changes the course of my life, from assuming self-dependency to Christ-dependency.

Another most important moment is when I attended my second Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS), beginning on March 12, 2005. Unlike the first LSS, this one was organized by the Penang diocesan prayer group named Shalom Working Youth Fellowship (SWYF). The encounter of manifested presence of God was awesome and unexplanable. The presence was so powerful that my inner hurts were healed instantly, and I received the Gift of Tongues. It was the same seminar that I get to become a regular participant of SWYF weekly meeting, and I get to offer my service in one of the church's cantor team. I am further convicted that, with my hard-earned faith in Christ, I need to offer myself more for the Lord rather than being contented and blissful as a Sunday Catholic.

Other than work and church, I normally hang out with colleagues and church friends, traveled back from Penang to Ipoh to visit my parents and old friends. At other times, I will find myself reading (a habit/gift, thanks to my lonely childhood) or in front of computer playing games or surfing the net. And from now on, blogging would be one of them! :-)

This blog will be part of my lifelong journal (of course, this is the place where I will publish filtered material). And I am happy to have my first post published.